​The Perfect Lighting for Small Spaces

Sep 25th 2020

​The Perfect Lighting for Small Spaces

Small spaces present many challenges. There isn’t much space - for anything. It encourages a largely minimalist approach to design and makes us think twice about what things we’re holding onto and collecting. There is a tendency in small spaces to take economy to the extreme. It doesn’t feel like there’s room for much of anything. It’s tempting to feel like the same should go for your lighting. It’s a small space, so you don’t need to go overboard with lights, right?

Well...yes and no. An undersized light will still look undersized even in a small space and, unless paired with multiple other fixtures, it won’t provide anything like enough light. A great solution for small rooms are lights and fixtures that do not take up any room on tables or floors. Pendants, track lighting, sconces, recessed lights, and decorative light integrated into bookshelves or other storage and display areas provide lots of light from multiple sources and will do wonders for smaller, dark spaces.

It’s important to consider headroom when choosing and installing ceiling fixtures. Make sure you have at least seven feet of clearance between the bottom of the light and the floor. Lower ceilings benefit from flush-mount lighting. No matter what size your ceiling, make sure you’re choosing a fixture that’s large enough for your room. A good way to estimate the minimum size you need is to measure the length and width of you room, add the two numbers together, and use that total to determine the diameter (or width) in inches of the fixture you need. For example, if you have a room that’s 10’ x 14’, you’ll need a fixture that’s at least 24” wide.

If you must have floor lamps, consider a large arched floor lamp. The base can be put in a corner and the light source itself can be placed directly above a couch or chair to provide task lighting for reading or additional ambient light to supplement your pendants, plug-in sconces, and recessed lights.

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